Dosey Doe – “Why the long face?”


Soldier BW_MPhIX 2



Photography is sometimes akin to line-dancing in that lateral steps in thinking are necessary to achieve interesting compositions. In fact lateral thinking is almost a prerequisite to being creative, as in the following equation: Paris + Bear = Beaver To the Power of 3.3r, with the common denominator often being the nimble mind and eye of the photographer who is sole proprietor of that lateral shift in thinking taken in presenting their work to others. Some little donkeys are smarter than they look, you know!

I mean, does a heffalump with a recidivistic hairline make any less of a commotion than a showy flower that seldom blooms in the forest?

The answer of course lies in the ability to tuck your thumbs in the pockets of your Levi’s and make like a chicken with an injured leg as you dosey-doe around the person next to you, in the vague hope that you are both listening to the same tune.

Confused? You should be. The point of a good story, and indeed good photography or any form of art is that it should lead you down paths of exploration and discovery, that hopefully entertain and enlighten on the way, and perhaps every once in a while raise the hairs on the back of your neck as demonstrated by the mock amorous pose of the above Israeli soldier. I took this shot in the City of David, Israel in 1992 just a year after the first Gulf War and in a climate of unrest that had the Promised Land locked on high alert due to continuous terrorist activity, that in such a small country was quite literally on your doorstep. Believe me, even at age 18 the irony wasn’t lost on me.


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