Venice in Noir


Venetian Fountain_MPHIX


Mooring Posts and Masts_MPHIX


Santa Lucia by Sunset in Noir_MPHIX

As you can see Roving Bess has now been assimilated…uh…I mean merged with Bill’s photo Borg…I mean, photo blog ‘Today on Earth’. Yes, I am now officially the ‘Art’ in the amended title…kidding. After both of us having decommissioned a number of our blogs we have decided that as photography is a shared passion, that we would revisit our earlier attempts at having a joint photo blog, which some of you may or may not remember. In the nebulous immediacy of the blogging world, it was a long time ago now.
In all honesty, if it wasn’t for Bill, I wouldn’t be the photographer I am now, indeed I wouldn’t have explored my photographic art as brazenly as I have in the past year particularly. Which is funny if you think about it given that our Bill is such a straight up street photographer and keeps claiming not to be an artist (of course you and me know better).

Anyway, a visit to Venice is way past due already, so I’m soothing my soul by posting some newly edited shots in deepest noir. She would look good dressed in a burlap sack would Venice, but today it’s the chic little black number and the sparkly jewels that take centre stage. Anyway, enough waffling. Enjoy the streetly art, and welcome all my lovely blog pals and newcomers to my new residence! Nice isn’t it?

Bess x

5 thoughts on “Venice in Noir

  1. Trying to do the math–less blogs = easier to follow, but may = less bill + less bess. hmmm? I guess, as long as you both keep delvering “the good stuff” I won’t take exception to this merger, but the minute the two of you try to buy Warner Brothers I’m calling the SEC. And, oh yeah, good luck–you’ve both been a highpoint in my bloggernet explorations.

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    1. Yup, I agree with Bill. I gave up Instagram for you Mr.Chuck, and my other dedicated followers of course… One can be spread only so thin, and I’m thin enough as it is as Bill will attest to. Lots going on at present also what with all this very sticky red U.S. tape, but hang on in there. We’re not going anywhere in blog terms. 😉


  2. Due is especially appealing to me. I like the vertical feeling of it. It almost has a sense of abandonment about it.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I like the sense of age and character of the mooring posts that line the Venetian waterways like the ribs of a huge sea-serpent coiled around the islets of this ancient city. I have a lot of shots of posts and masts from my various trips to Venice, the verticals fascinate me too.

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