Here’s what I saw…

You can see the man featured in Bill’s previous post was fraternising with a woman pushing a baby stroller, so my assessment of where his attention was is justified. Busted Bill! 😉

Here's what I saw_MPHIX

The cheeky photographer in question…shooting something…another pair of legs possibly. You can tell I’m having fun with this can’t you! Heh.

Here's what I saw 2_MPHIX


10 thoughts on “Here’s what I saw…

  1. I’m flattered. And speaking of lovely, is the format of this blog new-ish following the merger, or did I just not notice before? I really like the layout and text–very crisp, but unobtrusive.

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    1. It is new for both of us, yes. We had the notion that we could make it look more like a magazine rather than a bog standard blog. I like that we have an overview of our stuff, it’s a lot more inviting I think.


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