Together, Finally

No, not how you imagine, probably, although we’re closer. Rather, I mean that my life partner and I have decided to be true photography partners as well. We’ve merged our two blogs (“Today, on Earth” and “Roving Bess”) into this one which we call “A Roving Mess” “Today on Earth, Art.” The focus is mostly street photography, but also the greater realm of photographic art. Our theme is Every day on Earth, Nothing happens, and it’s beautiful. We hope to introduce you to the small bits of the world that you may have passed but never noticed.

If you’ve stopped by the actual blog, and not just the WordPress Reader, you will have noticed a change in layout. If not, I invite you to stop in and look around. We have 65 pages of content (until we cull the herd a bit) so there’s plenty to see. If you’ve been one of my followers but are new to Bess (M) I invite you to view her outstanding work and give her a few likes.

When we merged in her work, it kept all her comments but not the likes. We can’t have a girl walking around feeling unliked, now can we? Again, I’m glad you stopped by, and thanks for all the fish.

– Bill


19 thoughts on “Together, Finally

  1. Soul partners… Now that’s what I’m talking about!
    The perfect combination.
    Already looking forward to your new venture together.
    Good luck Bill n Bess
    Peas and luv


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