Burano in Ink Black

Burano Infrared_Ink Black

This is my minimalist interpretation of the Island of Burano which ordinarily is more colourful than a child’s paint palette. Although Burano is fascinating to look at from the vantage point of a passing ferry, the island itself is very residential, small, and just not very interesting. This time I was happy to just drift on by with my kids in tow admiring how the little colourful houses reminded them of one of their favourite tv shows, happily singing the theme tune as we saturated our senses with its zesty brightness.


10 thoughts on “Burano in Ink Black

  1. Almost gothic, in the sense of style, not architecture. Dark and brooding. I like it. Why not? Edgar Allan Poe was my favourite author in my younger days. 🙂


    1. It’s odd I suppose, but I find this image very serene. It sort of takes my breath away to look at, again that might sound odd considering it’s my creation. But as with most of my photography, and art, instinct plays a leading role with my conscious brain following in its wake. The result being that I never quite know where I’m being led, but I am always surprised at what I produce. My point being that I am very grateful for any feedback I get, always interesting to know how others perceive these sometimes odd dreamlike images.


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