WPC – Intricate – Eiffel Tower Etched in Bronze

…not really, but I looks as if it has been. 🙂

Eiffel Tower Etched Bronze_MPHIX


I was trying to emulate the Chinoiserie style that became very popular during the height of Art Nouveau in Paris. I love the intricate lace-like effect of the newly sprung leaves on the trees overlaying the imposing, yet delicate looking structure of the Eiffel Tower in the background. I like too that the shot looks somewhat aged, in keeping with the era of Art Nouveau and the famous tower itself. This is fast becoming one of my favourite captures of my recent trip to Paris with Bill.

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16 thoughts on “WPC – Intricate – Eiffel Tower Etched in Bronze

    1. Ha! Thank you. A lot of fiddling about with the colour setting. I believe I applied an infrared filter and then changed the overlying tone. These projects of mine are often fairly experimental. 🙂


  1. Stunning–I had to look up “Chinoiserie” because I’m a point and shoot man, but that turned out to be cool because I was thinking that this reminded me of some asian art I’ve seen. I can imagine this in a frame. Also, I like that the tower isn’t quite centered in the frame–I wouldn’t have had the visual sense and instinct to resist putting in perfectly in the middle.


  2. Transforming the anthropocentric into the phantasmagorical. My misanthropic persona appreciates an image that can turn a symbol of the human dominator culture into a window on a seemingly ethereal realm.


    1. I’m glad you approve. I couldn’t actually bring myself to post the shot in it’s original state, although it a bad representation, but I just don’t do tourist snaps. It thrilled me no end to turn the Eye-Full Tower into, as you say, something a little more fantastical and exciting. 😉


    2. *excuse the typos, specifically the omission of ‘not’ in my original response, small screen and lateness play havoc with eyes and fingers.


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