WPC – Intricate – An Awfully Large Eye-full of Eiffel.

Eifel Tower Red Lift_HDR

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17 thoughts on “WPC – Intricate – An Awfully Large Eye-full of Eiffel.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Steve and taking the time to share your thoughts. This was my fourth trip to Paris in more than 20 years, and although I have many shots of the Eiffel Tower already in old print format, it was nice to go and shoot it again with good kit and with the mindset of being a street photographer and not just a tourist! πŸ™‚

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        1. Lovely photo! Darkroom work is not cheating, it’s where a lot of the artistry with photography begins. Just because it’s now digital darkroom work doesn’t change what photographic printers used to do anyway. πŸ™‚

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          1. It seems to be an odd bone of contention amongst photographers whether post editing is cheating or not, something I personally have researched and written about a lot, just because I was one of those people who would feel guilty too for enhancing my shots.
            Not wishing to teach you to suck eggs, but if you are interested you might like to take a look at mine and Bill’s series on the history and art of street photography:


            We are still in mid flow, but there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into. It’s been really nice talking to you, I hope you stop by on the other channel, and perhaps earn yourself a little more vindication in producing such lovely shots!

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          2. Will have a look for sure. My thought is that the digital editing era is allowing people who would not ordinarily be able to participate in photography the opportunity to do so. Same goes for video editing. When I was young I always wanted to make videos, now it’s so easy for me to do it and I’m so grateful. I’ve just started filming and editing my own vlogs and even if no one views them I’d still do it because I love the process. Check out my vlog if you get the chance and I’d appreciate any feedback.

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          3. I completely understand where you’re at. I had a burning passion to be a photo journalist when I was in my late teens, and although I trained to do black and white film development, I never managed to get all the equipment necessary, not to mention how expensive film, chemicals and print paper was. So like you, when photography became digital I was in my element. I suddenly felt free to really explore photography as an art form, not just as a form of documenting life.
            I made a few of my own vlogs a while back on my other blogs. Film making requires much patience. So I admire you πŸ™‚
            I’d love to check out your vlog.

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  1. At last β€” an original angle on a well loved theme. (But your ‘bronzed’ shot just knocks my little furry socks off~! Boom boom!)


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