WPC – Motion

Movement in Paris_MPHIX


Motion is a good theme title for this weeks photo challenge, given that I’ve spent the weekend in Paris with Bill almost in constant motion. We walked miles trapsing the city’s streets exploring and shooting as we went.  I thought I’d shoot the traffic winding its way around the huge structure of the Arc De Triomphe, or as I like to call it: The Paris Marble Arch. It is surprisingly large, deceptive even!

The shot of the little red car centrifuging its way around the huge roundabout upon which the Arc stands looks to be going deceptively faster than it actually was, nobody was speeding, being that the road surface was all cobbles. Nothing in Paris is quite as it seems, it would seem, so a little photographic help in the right direction doesn’t go amiss. Back home now and utterly exhausted, I could sleep for a week!

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8 thoughts on “WPC – Motion

    1. Yes, I suppose I am a very lucky fish! We could have done with an extra day just to relax. Paris is a very big place to try and see in just two days! Suffice to say we are both quite exhausted. Bill is still travelling however, on his way back to the US as we speak…poor sod! 😉


  1. That’s a lovely capture. Am jelly jelly jelly … until my good camera is finished getting fixed I’m stuck with my old basic click-box (good zoom, though!) and feeling awesomely restricted.

    Dammit—I do like that shot~!


    1. A year and a half on almost and I’m still learning how to use my camera, never mind the new camera that I acquired recently, which will probably take me another year and a bit to learn how to use!
      I wanted to practise however with slow shutter speeds and a low ISO, good for capturing motion blur if you do it right. Took several attempts though, with people looking at me oddly as I swung from one side to the other trying to match the speed of the moving traffic.
      I’m glad you like the shot though, even though it makes me feel a little giddy if I look at it too long…
      I hope you get your camera back soon and that it’s all ship-shape and back in working order. It took three attempts before the Fuji repair shop finally fixed mine, so I understand how it feels to be without a good piece of kit.

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