Ancient Spanish Church

Iglesia Fortaleza la mota_MPHIX aged


4 thoughts on “Ancient Spanish Church

  1. Thanks Argie! The building though very old is a lot more pristine looking than the photo above belies. The church is right in the centre of the second oldest Moorish citadel in Southern Spain. The oldest overlooks the town I grew up in as a kid. It was a sorry state for many a year, until the local tourist board decided to invest heavily into restoring these historic sites, not content with preserving the remaining rubble, they have decided to rebuild the whole thing in its entirety, eventually. I think it’s great, it’s a fascinating place, and a bit of a rabbit warren as all Moorish citadels are. Great place to explore, and quite off the beaten track, meaning that there were few other tourists there when this shot was taken back in 2012. It makes me wonder how the place is coming along.


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