Track B – The Art of Street Photography, Part Three: The Resolution Revolution.

For those who love photography, and especially those who aren’t as good at it as they’d like to be.

Raw, Naked Art

We have established so far that the reason we place such a high regard on photographic images over traditional art for instance is that they have a high truth value. Due to their often sharp focus and high level of detail we accept them as true representations of the world, and thus more documentary in style than art per se, despite the very obvious discrepancies in correlation to what we actually perceive through our eyes. However, we have also seen how those margins blur if we consider the roots of photography as steeped as it is in classical art and the way it has been represented from the times of the Renaissance. By virtue of the way photography has developed and is still presented, it is an artistic medium that has gained an almost sacrosanct status due to our sociocultural beliefs about what we consider to be truthful and valid, particularly…

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