WPC – Blur – The Old and The New

Despite being captured in 2013, this London street scene has been enhanced so that it looks like an old faded lithograph. The style of the old fashioned double decker busses adds to the ambiguity of the age of the image, as does the lack of definition of the people crossing the street, as well as the lack of focal sharpness of the overall shot. The image sharpness and quality of the shot, including the ambiguity of the age of the shot adds to its artfulness, despite being  a straightforward representation of a real and modern street scene.

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If you would like to learn more about the history and the art of Street Photography pop over to the other channel where you can follow mine and Bill’s series: The Art and History of Street Photography. You might just learn something valuable, or not…!

Bess 😉

13 thoughts on “WPC – Blur – The Old and The New

    1. Thanks Ark. The old Route Masters are a rare sight these days, even though the new double-deckers have the stylings of the old ones. I remember the days when you could hop on the back of one just as it was pulling away from a bus stop, it was part of the charm, and quite dangerous really…


      1. I remember! I nearly came a cropper leaping off a bus coming down St Werbergh Street in Chester.
        3d for a single fare on a Number 8 from Lache Lane to the cathedral.


  1. No challenge playing ‘hunt the sig’ in this one … but was that a ‘no mounted bullocks beyond this point’ sign? I’m intrigued …

    (Must be an oldish shot—these days if you wear a helmet in public I imagine people either run away screaming or give a very wide berth.)


    1. Actually it was shot in Dec 2013, not so long ago. I did wonder about that sign myself, forgot to take a closer look. I would imagine it might be a sign for mounted police/soldiers being just around the corner from Her Majesty’s Horse Guard and all.

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