Where’s M?

Newspaper window_MPHIX

In response to previous responses about spoiling the shot with copyright notices (I don’t much like them either, but needs must these days), I have instead decided to embrace the artist that I am and sign my shots in a way that does not detract from the image itself. Can you find my signature in this and the last two shots posted here? There will a prize…promise…


12 thoughts on “Where’s M?

  1. Well, you’re sweet. I tell everyone who comments about my copyright notice that they can suck my ass. People try to steal my shit. If they don’t try to steal theirs, it’s because their photos eat ass.

    Sorry. the audacity of people telling you what to do with your stuff. I’d punch ’em in the face.

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  2. I’m not involved in selling any of my shots so it’s academic—and anyone desperate enough to want to copy them is actually flattering me. Mind you, all I ever post is screenshots of originals so I imagine they wouldn’t reproduce too well … and every shot I post via WordPress is in effect date stamped (and so registered); easy enough to trace back to earliest source.

    Find the ‘M’? Bugger—this time I read the comments while the bigger image was coming in. So I’ll try to forget what JZ and see if I can find it anyway …


    1. It’s a fair point you make Argie. As I am in the business of trying (trying) to sell my shots it ups the anti somewhat. But I like this idea, I’m having fun with it despite the little bit of extra work it takes to insert my signature in surreptitious ways. It reminds me of the painters of old who would do the same in order to outfox the forgers of the day. I have a photographic memory so I will always remember exactly where the signatures are in every shot should I ever need to enforce my rights as the original artist.
      I also thought this was a neat way of not breaking any rules by not unlawfully advertising commercial establishments or any other information that might be considered a breaking of the rules. License plates for example as in the other shot where I’ve replaced one with my signature also.

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  3. Well done. I was looking for just an ‘M’ … and would have been sneaky enough to have doctored the brand name on that brassy door-lock myself if the need ever arose; but making it look like casual graffiti is good~! (Remind me never to plagiarise your work …)


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