Group Hug

Group Hug Canterbury_MPHIX


9 thoughts on “Group Hug

  1. Bugger … now I have to play ‘hunt the hallmark’ (more fun than those old ‘hunt the mouse’ pictures we used to get in the Beano as kids) …


  2. Hah! Blow ’em up big and if you’re actively looking for them they are findable. Especially I like the car one—if you are into subtle, perhaps you could blurify them a bit?

    And now, dammit, having found two to go back and find the unannounced third— 🙂


    1. Well done! Did you find both in this one?
      I can change opacity, but the software I have is fairly rudimentary so I can’t blurify, otherwise that would have been a good alternative. The third lurks in the shot of the Cake Shop…

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