Tasty Street

Street In the British Museum

Street photography, like a good wine tastes better with age. In the passing of a generation or two this shot will have lost its aura of the acceptably familiar. The fashions will look slightly dated and possibly odd to newer eyes. The interior of the building where I took the shot may have been altered, or may not exist anymore. The lack of familiarity and the dated photographic technology will add to its art. The challenge that we street photographers have is to make our shots have an impact in the now, and that requires observing the rules of what makes art, art, even if it’s just an intuitive impulse to shoot because it captures our imaginations and makes us smile. The smiling bit is key, then you know you have done good work, and that others may just smile too. Then we bridge the artistic gap between now and the magic that the future affords our work.

Come and follow mine and Bill’s series on The Art and History of Street Photography.

4 thoughts on “Tasty Street

  1. How often have I wished for an invisible camera and matching body-language (unlike some, unabashed imps who steal scenes). Looking through this shot it can be broken down into ‘stand-alone’ vignettes, each with sufficient power in its own right … oh gods, I’m babbling again; time then for a two word summary: nice shot!


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