Photo Blindness

Sepia Mountains_CN


After having trawled through hundreds of photos in the last few days on Instagram, I am finding myself now suffering with photo-blindness. There is a god awful amount of rubbish people are putting out there in an effort to garner a little attention in their particular corner of the universe. Lots of tins of unopened spam (I smell Vikings…). And although I think it’s commendable, it creates a landslide of detritus that one has to wade through in order to weed out the really good stuff. The people who share the good stuff tend to know their stuff is good, so when leaving appreciative comments as one cares to in order to support and boost fellow artist morale, one expects at least a thank you back. Some people obviously have too much on their hands already. Within that ocean of images, there is a tiny percentage, a barnacle’s worth of talented types whom I would consider truly exceptional. And they know it too. Good for them. I’m all for encouraging talent, it takes a lot of work to get there. Except even fewer still make it to the so called top. Top of what exactly I’m not so sure. As God said to the mountaineer, “If you are seeking to reach the top of the mountain in order to gain a better perspective, why climb the mountain at all if all you need to do is change how you think?”.
Good point.


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