Sunday Cola

Sunday Cola

The red of the restaurant chalkboard really caught my eye. The colours of Canterbury that day were very vivid in the bright sun.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Cola

  1. That blows up well, lots of interesting bits and pieces.
    Sadly I remember when a mere shilling bought a huge fish’n’chip dinner (takeaways in a newspaper, boom boom!)(sheet of greaseproof between the munchies and the print, of course; not many folks seem aware of that these days) — and now it’s almost ten quid? A pint of black and tan was also a shilling …


    1. You can still get a decent helping of fish n’chips for less than £4. No newspaper anymore though. The best fish n’chips I’ve had to date however, was at a British pub over in Gaithersburg, MD would you believe it? One portion was fit for two, suffice to say I did my best to eat the lot. Waste not and all that…

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