The Creation of the Beautiful Borg

Me at my arty best! 🙂

BESS' ART JOURNAL: Through the eyes of an artist

copyright Maria Phillips 2013-2015

Today’s project has been to transform another of my many Venice shots into a work of painterly art. I settled on an image from my archives taken on my second trip to Venice back in August 2013. It is a shot of a window display of one of the umpteen mask shops in between St. Marc’s Square and the Rialto Bridge. I couldn’t possibly give credit to the artist of the focal piece hanging in the window as I haven’t a clue who they were, but whoever they are, I am grateful for the inspiration they’ve given me for this piece.
I don’t always know where I am going to go with a shot when I embark on such a project. It depends greatly on initial experimental impressions. My objective however, is to find a colour palette that I find visually pleasing and, more importantly, emotionally uplifting. It has to…

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