Sleeping Chairs

Sleeping Coffee Shop

I like this shot mainly because of the tonal palette. There is a very nostalgic feel about it. It’s very peaceful despite the busy evening London street this coffee shop was on. You can see mine and Bill’s legs hovering, caught in the reflection of one of the leather armchairs.

7 thoughts on “Sleeping Chairs

    1. Unfortunately, technology is going to get the better of art, and there are certain images people just won’t stop to appreciate because tiny screens don’t display them well. I’ve noticed this particularly because of using apps like Instagram, that a great composition doesn’t always translate so well to the small square format. It will, and probably already has begun to change the nature of what is considered acceptable art. Steeple are just too easily swayed by the flow of the times, and great art is ignored or disappears entirely. Art is going the way of printed books.


        1. Maybe so. You might have noticed I wrote a lengthy post about this in response to your comment. It was more that you set a train of thought in motion that I found myself needing to write about.


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