The Making of King George

An insight into the making of Georgie Porgie.

BESS' ART JOURNAL: Through the eyes of an artist

There is something of the opulence of the Victorian/Art Nouveau era that I like about this particular version of my shot of King George V. The flaming oranges are reminiscent of the works of Pre-Raphaelite painters Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, Frederick Lord Leighton, and Edward Burn Jones. King George V would have been a late contemporary, and as such the blown out effect within the centre of the image is almost a recognition of the passing of one era to another, and the very dramatic change that Europe underwent socially and stylistically as a result of two major wars.

I created several versions of this image, having shot the original just before Christmas 2013, incidentally when I first met the love of my life and photography partner Bill Jones, who was with me at the time. I’m sure he has his own version of this statue too. I have a…

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