Painted Florence – The City of Phi

Florence City stage 6 Gold


8 thoughts on “Painted Florence – The City of Phi

    1. It is magic Argie as I don’t really know how I do it myself. I fiddle and tweak and something great happens eventually.
      I am ever grateful for your enjoyment of these works of mine. Makes it all the worth while. 🙂

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  1. It looks to me as if you’ve managed to capture the very instant a nuclear weapon was detonated over the city. Tells you something about where my mind is these days doesn’t it?


    1. Not that it’s my place to worry where your mind is these days, but I’ll take it as an off-handed compliment that you took the time and effort to comment. Such things don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Suffice to say, I wasn’t that enamoured with Flo, I expected more…live and learn I suppose.


      1. Nothing off-handed about it really. That image really grabbed my attention. Sometimes really terrible things possess a bizarre beauty all their own. I’m not afraid to admit I’m able to see it. I’m cursed with moments of complete detachment. They’re transient and involuntary but, when they occur, I see things in quite a different light.


        1. Please excuse my tardy response. My response wasn’t intended as a negative. In fact Argus has made similar comments before when I’ve posted shots such as these. I understand entirely what you mean with regards to how even in destruction there is beauty. I remember as a kid growing up in London there was a row of terraced houses that had been left in their bombed state since WW2. They always fascinated me, in part because there were trees growing out of what were once dining rooms and front bedroom windows. The other part was that there was a beauty in their dilapidated state and griminess that captivated me but still eludes me. They just seemed more organically part of the landscape I think than the surrounding buildings which were intact and lived in.


          1. I’m sorry MPHIX. I seem to be losing my ability to communicate as I age. I took no offense at what you said but was concerned that I might have given some with my comment.

            I’m not surprised that you can see beauty wherever it may hide. You view the world with the eyes of an artist.


          2. No offence taken on my part at all. Like you, I am often able to see things that others often don’t. Thank you for your kind words.


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