Track A, History of Street Photographers, Part 6

Raw, Naked Art

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Part 6 – Brandt to Doisneau

Hermann Wilhelm “Bill” Brandt (UK) – 1904 – 1983

portrait-of-bill-brandt-c1979-photographer-unknownHermann Wilhelm Brandt, known as Bill, was born in Germany just after the turn of the twentieth century. Brandt is widely considered one of the most important British photographers of the 20th century, having made his photographic bones by documenting all levels of British society. In so doing, he followed a familiar path: having a distinct, powerful photographic style, and emphasizing a single aspect of photography – here, showing British society from its poor to the most wealthy. Like others before him, he took “Street” out of the street and into the places where people lived.

Brandt was the son of a British father and a German mother and grew up during the tumult of World War I. After his father was interred by…

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