Painted Florence: Il Duomo

Il Duomo Victorian Lithographic Print


4 thoughts on “Painted Florence: Il Duomo

  1. Again, love it~!

    At the risk of waxing eloquent, there’s an ‘other worldly’ ethereal quality to this shot (and some of your others). Makes me expect to see mists; flights of angels, men in mediaeval clothing … I have no idea how you do this and I don’t want to know. To explain would be to take away some of the magic; and dammit, we need more magic, not less.


    1. Thank you again my lovely friend. I’ve been getting such pleasure out of turning some of my shots into painterly works of art. Lots of trial and error and persistence involved. Suffice to say I never quite know how each piece is going to turn out. They each kind of evolve until I’m grinning from ear to ear. 🙂

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