Track A, History of Street Photographers, Part 5

Part 5 of our History of Street Photography. This segment details Alfred Eisenstaedt, Berenice Abbott, and Weegee (Arthur Fellig).

Raw, Naked Art

Part 5 – Eisenstaedt to Weegee

 Alfred Eisenstaedt (Germany, USA) 1898 – 1995

Albert Eisenstaedt, 1932, Germany Albert Eisenstaedt, 1932, Germany

Alfred Eisenstaedt was a German-born, American photojournalist and one of the twentieth century’s most prolific photographers. Born in Dirschau, West Prussia, by age 14 Eisenstaedt had taken up photography via his Kodak Folding Camera. In 1928, he turned freelancer, eventually working under Erich Salomon in Berlin in the Associated Press office. In 1935, already well known, Eisenstaedt emigrated to New York City, where he became one of the first four photographers hired by Life Magazine back when it was still called “Project X.”

It was as a Life staffer that he gained prominence, with more than 90 of his photos gracing the cover and more than 2,500 photo stories published. His most famous cover photo, the one that forever places him in the mythical Street Photographer’s Hall of Fame was the V-J Day…

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