Painted Venice: La Trattoria – WPC – Phi (The Rule of Thirds…what a misnomer…)

Trattoria alla madonna German Master

Phi, otherwise known as The Rule of Thirds (misnomer), or The Golden Ratio is a distance or length that is divided by 1.618 to produce a point between which is slightly off-centre, but creates a division that is very pleasing to the eye, and produces a release of endorphins, (I will be substantiating this in mine and Bill’s series the Art of Street Photography).  The rule can be applied from any of the edges or corners of the frame (although the latter takes some visualisation), and can also be applied from multiple directions as is the case in the above shot.

The human body can be divided using Phi to map strategic features, for example if you divide a person’s height from head to toe using Phi, the Phi point falls at the belly-button. It’s a simple as that. The human eye is very adept at recognising this rule, so trust your instinct when you shoot and you are composing your image using this rule. You’ll know you’ve got it right because it will feel right, and make you smile. 🙂

Btw WordPress Gurus, the Rule of Thirds has nothing to do with Bokehs or negative space, it is purely about the division of space.

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