An Artist’s Journal: Sweet Sorrow

The Artist’s Journal – An insight into my artistry.

BESS' ART JOURNAL: Through the eyes of an artist

Sweet Sorrow 2

There isn’t a moment at which I don’t consider photography art. Within that very broad remit, anything goes as far as I’m concerned.

Last Saturday, which happened to be Valentine’s Day, I took myself off to London to watch a West End show I’d been coveting since last November. I’d decided that as it was a relatively nice day, that I would take my Fujifilm X100S camera along for the ride and shoot some street back on my home turf. Often when I go out shooting, I will set out with an objective, for example to shoot under certain conditions, like low light levels, or shoot only in black and white. That day I decided that I would shoot predominantly in 1×1 format in black and white, and if I shot in colour I would shoot using a Vivid filter. There is a handy feature on the X100S in that…

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