Sweet Sorrow

Teary Blue

13 thoughts on “Sweet Sorrow

    1. Thanks Bob! I was quietly pleased about this shot as my camera had started playing up again and was refusing to focus properly. Of all the shots I took that day, this was one of the few that was passable.
      The young woman was most intriguing, melancholic almost. Definitely worthy of being captured in a moment of magic, whatever her story was. The other reflected faces add depth and make you wonder, as you say, at the bigger story.
      My camera is off at the repair shop. Hopefully this time they will actually fix it, or give me a replacement. X


        1. I hope so too. Although, I have other cameras I can use in the meantime I suppose.
          And yes, I will let you know if I strike it big on the selling front…although I doubt it… 🙂
          You take care too.
          Bess x


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