Track B – The Art of Street Photography, Part 2: The Real Versus the Almost Real.

In this post, part two of Track B: The Art of Composition, and the Composition of Art, Maria will be addressing the following questions:

1. Why is Street Photography not ‘Art’?
2. How do we know the difference between the real and the imaginary?
3. When does Street Photography become art?

Raw, Naked Art

In our development of this series Bill and I have discussed at great length what makes Street Photography an art form; it is, in fact, what inspired the series to begin with. We drew the conclusion then, that in order to appreciate and understand the Art of Street Photography, as is the title of this series, we first need to address the concept of art, and how exactly it applies to this particular medium, which we have hinted at to some degree in our previous posts with regards to its historical evolution. There seems to be considerable consternation amongst photographers and critics alike as to exactly what this genre is, whether it’s meant to convey a message or a story about the societies we live in, or whether it is meant to be a form of voyeuristic art for the sake of entertainment. There are of course many definitions and…

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