Agapanthus Blue

Agapanthus Alley 2


11 thoughts on “Agapanthus Blue

    1. I love Agapanthus, as we chatted about a little while back when you were telling us about yours. The whole courtyard in this shot was full of them. Such a lovely sight. 17th century huh?


          1. Thanks for this Ark, but we are already quite well acquainted with Vivian Maier’s discovery. In fact I wrote a post on her as the introduction to my part of our series The Art of Street Photography over on our ‘Just Us’ blog. Fascinating character.


          2. I know you know her. I’ve seen some of your great posts on the woman.
            I didn’t realise this news about the purchase of the negs was ”old news.”
            I should have guessed I suppose as you guys are such fans.
            Bit like someone saying “Hey have you heard this about Hendrix…”
            Not much ”street photography” up my ”Garden Path” !


          3. I’m still very appreciative that you took the time to think about us and share the link. Bill was the one who introduced me to her work, indeed the whole concept of street photography. I’m still learning about it all. As he often says, I’m just an artist with a camera. He’s the pro.
            Btw, I love your garden shots. Don’t have a garden to speak of anymore, so I like to indulge in yours instead. 🙂


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