By Evening Light

Red Woman


9 thoughts on “By Evening Light

  1. It’s very tempting to crop out some of that foreground—certainly we’d end up with a more conventional shot, but the way you’ve got it provides a challenging ‘clutter’ that enhances the whole thing. (It actually annoys me that the shot is better with those broken pavers in than not. Bugger~!)

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    1. I like that the broad sweep of the pavement draws the eye into the shot, and up along the street. I seldom pay attention to the details in such compositions, I’m usually shooting shapes and patterns and playing with perspectives. I’m sorry if the broken paving offends you Argie, Actually, what personally annoys me is the front fender of the car just poking its nose into the left of my shot.

      You know, I think I remember posting a cropped version of this shot here some time ago…


      1. Broken paving doesn’t annoy me, it actually makes the shot. What annoys me is that the shot is all the better for it, when if you crop it conventionally to make a conventional ‘good shot’ … bugger again, I’m hanging myself here.

        Funny, I read that car-nose as a pair of mailboxes …


        1. I knew you’d spot that young Argus…my evening eyesight fails and fools me sometimes. Not mailboxes, as Spanish ones are yellow, but recycling bins I believe.
          I remember that cropping it didn’t really add to the composition much, other than zoom into the woman a little more. Though, as far as I’m concerned she isn’t the true subject of the shot. The street is.


          1. ‘Tis too. And so is the lighting, which gives it (for me at least) an evening ‘going home after a full day’ feel.

            If you tell me that it’s actually the other end of the day and everyone’s thinking breakfast (it could be, too, you know) I’m just as happy. It is a damned good shot and well worth its ‘thousand words’ 🙂


          2. You know, I don’t think I managed to snap any early morning versions of that particular street. Although it would have been shrouded in darkness I dare say as the hill of the Alhambra palace flanks it to the left from that angle. The sun rises behind the Alhambra, not so good if you’re invading from the west…


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