Pretty Girls

Ever since I started shooting street shots (when I was 12) I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: whenever I aim my camera remotely in the direction of a pretty girl, she automatically assumes I’m 1) going to take her photo and 2) that I’m interested in her. It happens even when I’m not looking through the viewfinder. If she’s with a guy, he picks up her energy and assumes the same thing.

I’m NEVER interested by the way. I stopped meeting girls via my camera at age 20 when I mastered the art of saying, “Hi.” (Not to mention the fact that many women would approach me asking me to take photos of them because they heard I was good at it and a gentleman.) Still, as a matter of course, I now almost always take the shot I wasn’t planning on taking, simply because it amuses me. They look at me, give me their “Yes, I am beautiful aren’t I?” look, replete with self-satisfied smile, and then pointedly look away from my camera. If I’m in my usual a grumpy mood I make a point of looking in a different direction with my camera at my side when they inevitably look back to see if I took the shot.

It’s a silly game, but the boyfriends’ exasperated expressions amuse me, as in here. Don’t worry dude, I’d have taken the same shot if she’d been a puppy.

Pretty Girl

By the way, I hope you’re keeping up with our series on the history and art of Street Photography. We’re in the early stages, still laying out the basics, but we’ll eventually get into what we’re calling the Masters’ Course, with Hows and Whys galore.

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