Track A: History of Street Photography, Part 3 – “Unchained”

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Raw, Naked Art

Part 3 – Chained No MoreIn which our jaunty photographers learn that street photography wasn’t invented with the Leica and really didn’t change all that much once someone finally invented some fast film.

Charles "Teenie" Harris Portrait of Charles “Teenie” Harris

To this point in the history of street photography, which represents the emergence of a second generation of photographers around the time World War I began, urban photography had existed for nearly 80 years. “Official” art registries, such as Oxford Art Online, would insist out that “street photography did not coalesce into a distinct form of photographic practice until the 20th century.” This is, of course, due to the narrow definition of street photography that these institutions use. Oxford, for instance, states:

“[Street photography] can be understood as the product of an artistic interaction between a photographer and an urban public space. It is distinguished from documentary…

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