Track B (The Art of Street Photography) – The Art of Composition, and the Composition of Art. Part 1

A brilliant teaser and introduction to Maria’s (Bess Jones Photography) track in our Art of Street Photography, called the “The Art of Composition, and the Composition of Art.” What do great artists portray within their work that make them exceptional artists? What is it that all of us, artists and non artists alike respond to in works that we consider art? How do we find the art in street photography?

Join in our series and find out. Track A details the History of Street Photography and Track B lays out the Composition and Art of Street Photography. Hope to see you there.

Featured Image -- 3992

Raw, Naked Art

An Introduction to Vivian Maier, and the Phenomenon of the Artist-Photographer.

Vivian Maier, born in New York in 1926, a nanny originally of French and Austrian heritage, was, is, in mine and Bill’s opinion possibly the best street photographer in the history of street photography. She has been hailed as one of the greatest talents of the Street Photography genre

Vivian Maier Self Portrait with Roleiflex Camera

by experts in the field, since her chance discovery in 2009 when student and dealer in second-hand goods, John Maloof bought a storage container at auction for the grand sum of $389. What he discovered were boxes and boxes full of undeveloped negatives dating from the early 1950s, all the way through the second half of the 20th century, and up until her death in 2009. Her body of work consists of over 100,000 shots. She was incredibly prolific for an amateur photographer…

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