WPC – Serenity #2 – Happy Moggie


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8 thoughts on “WPC – Serenity #2 – Happy Moggie

      1. 8 now. Fuck! Problem is, all the NGO’s we work with are full after the Xmas period. They have kittens and puppies up to their necks, and there are only so many adoption possibilities. Oh well, 5 hours in and you’d think he, Charles Darwin (yes, he already has a name) had been here for 5 months. Quite character.


        1. Moggies adapt quickly, my cat is exactly the same. I think it’s a Tabby trait. Little Tigers.
          I love the name you’ve given your new arrival. Such beautuful animals deserve grand names. 8…?
          You do know he adopted you, right…?


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