Jus’ a-scrugglin’, scrugglin’.


2 thoughts on “Hustle

  1. People just don’t appreciate quality street photography when they see it. Not enough artists in the world, (actually that’s probably not true). But a few more in the passing traffic wouldn’t go amiss. This is such an accomplished shot, and you know how much I love it. Sadly most people have to be told what to like. Did all those people who turned out to see Vivian Maier’s first ever exhibition come purely to see her work, because they could appreciate that she was possibly the best street photographer in history, or because they wanted to be seen as having been part of a momentous occasion? Makes one wonder.
    That you are an unrecognised talent my love, I am in no doubt. I will always be your biggest fan, but then I get why you shoot.
    Time to build your exhibition pieces.


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