Journey to Worthing


Yesterday was a very long eventful day. It began unusually early for me with an appointment in town at 8:30am. I don’t drive, so I use public transport or just walk everywhere. A nagging sense of foresight told me I should get a travel pass for the day, despite logic telling me not to bother because it would cost me more money than I needed to spend.
After attending my appointment I made my way into Worthing, which is the main major shopping district closest to where I live. I thought I could do with getting out having been stuck at home due to all the rain recently.
My shot was taken on the 700 bus on my first trip to Worthing of the day, I was feeling good and focussed on being an artist again. I took the return journey home a couple of hours later having sated my shopping needs, only to get a phone call from my children’s school saying that my youngest had been in an accident and potentially broken his hand. So I made my way up to the school in order to assess the damage and take him home before I made any further decisions.
Consoling a four-year old, and telling him that we might need to take him to the hospital when he was in so much pain was no easy task, I can tell you, especially as he has acquired a wariness of hospitals over recent years. But my youngest son seems to exhibit an incredible resilience and tolerance to pain. Two trips to the doctor, and another journey back into Worthing, this time to pay a visit to Accident and Emergency at the hospital, my son was surprisingly positive and brave. Thankfully, no broken bones, just a lot of tiger stripes across his hand where it had been slammed in the hinges of a wooden gate by another sweet child, swelling and deep bruising.
I’m so glad I bought that day ticket. Here’s hoping today is going to be a little less full of adventure.


7 thoughts on “Journey to Worthing

  1. Mostly kids bounce … but that doesn’t stop it hurting. Poor thing.

    Let’s never turn away from that ‘wee small voice from within’ (I’ve learned to trust it too).

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    1. Yes, it’s a good thing the little ones bounce the most!
      As for that wee voice, I try to give it a keen ear as often as possible. Hasn’t failed me yet.

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