Going Underground

Going Underground


12 thoughts on “Going Underground

  1. Crikey, it must be over 30 years since I last rode on the underground.
    I was down in London visiting friends before I flew out to Johannesburg. I remember taking the train to Oxford Street. I went to a nearby cinema to watch Deerhunter.

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    1. I can just about stomach the London Underground, and London in general when Bill is around, as he was on this particular trip. But having grown up there, I tend to give it a wide berth if I can help it!


      1. I know Samuel Johnson said “A man who tires of London etc….”
        but to me, it is just a huge friggin’ sprawl – what I remember! And once you have seen all the touristy things…then what?
        I enjoy a bit of razmataz now and then but not on a 24/7 basis.


        1. Exactly my sentiment. It was nice for a couple of days. We took in a West End show, which was fun, and mooched about as one does. But I was happy enough to leave the heaving pre-Christmas crowds behind.


        1. The London Underground is a strange place…reality is distorted. Dark matter erases body parts and spits them back out somewhere down the line at Wapping.

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  2. Now I’m stuck between those two old Jam songs: Going Underground and Down In The Tube Station…

    Some people might say my life is in a rut
    But I’m quite happy with what I’ve got
    People might say that I should strive for more
    But I’m so happy I can’t see the point….


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