Venice in Detail

Santa Lucia Tree

Walking around Venice is always a magical experience for me. Despite it’s growing familiarity with every visit, there are details that I always miss and wish I could capture on camera. It would seem that all street photographers have their special place that they will always return to, and never tire of shooting. Venice is that place for me.

Archway Santa Lucia

I get as much pleasure in turning my shots of this wonderful city into works of art, enhancing the colours or characteristics of her multifaceted beauty, no detail or abstraction is ugly in my eyes.

Venice in HDR Man with Barrow

The sense of being home when I’m there is a powerful draw, and as I relax into my surroundings as if I had always belonged there, I allow my instinct to guide me through the winding alleys, across the many unique bridges tucked away from view, and painting Venice anew through the eye of my camera.

Pipe and brickwork Venice

At the end of each day I am exhausted, but content. Venice always makes me smile inside and out, and the next visit never comes soon enough.


9 thoughts on “Venice in Detail

  1. Sadly, from these shots it looks a bit ‘run down’. Though such images would reflect a similar impression of any city, I shouldnlt wonder, Venice has, in my mind, always conjured images of Italian splendor.
    The power of the imagination!


  2. Canaletto would be proud. Venice certainly has her own patina, much like Granada. I think you have to accept her “wrinkles” as a sign of graceful aging. One hopes, though, they keep some sort of balance.


    1. Italy hasn’t been the richest of countries for a very long while, hence the gentle tiredness that is visible there. But the fact that many of its buildings are still standing is testament to its former wealth and oppulence. Thank you btw.


      1. I’m sure tourists would pitch in to help save it if it came to that. Right now, it’s probably an accurate representation of its place in history. Renovating it would be beautiful, but maybe something is lost too.

        I remember loving the soft decay in the Albayzín.


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