Better Than TV

‘La Plaza De Los Abuelitos’

Better Than TV


5 thoughts on “Better Than TV

    1. Yep. The old folks of Granada would gather round in their droves every evening just to watch the fountain, fountaining and doing it’s impressive watery thing. No doubt enjoying the cool mist that was emanating from it, enshrouding the Plaza and its quotidian inhabitants, who furnished its polished white marble chequered expanse like formal lace doilies dressing an antique dining table.
      Aging snake eyes tracked us as we strolled slowly around the fountain doing our street thing with our shoot-from-the-hip style of interaction, like snipers picking off suspicious octogenarians still with plenty of Spanish piss and Sherry Vinegar in them, despite the sharp structural creases that defined their extraordinarily calm and formal composure. One might have mistaken the mist for steam as the air crackled with unseen electricity conducting a heat we were all too aware of. One more shot and we would be on our way, just one more shot before unbeknonst to us a long cane would whip out beneath us in the periphery of our vision, interupting our sure-footed stride, and scoring a hit for The Abuelitos Y Las Abuelitas De La Plaza.


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