My better half thinks I eat very artistically. He could well be right. In fact Bill is right about a lot of things, not least his surreptitious way of introducing me to new technology and concepts, encouraging me to explore my artfulness by pulling me out of my comfort zone.
These days I’m hardly ever without my trusty iPhone, mainly because it is my main mode of contact with my lovely man and bestest friend, but also because it has become my alternative camera. I did my short stint on Instagram, which allowed me to explore my photography in a new way, in terms of subject matter, and style. Once that served its purpose, Bill said: “You should check out the Hipstamatic App. I think you’ll really like it”, (or words to that effect). I think I had enquired as to the meaning of all these hashtags beneath his Instagram shots, alluding to women’s names, odd dates and such…

The upshot of it being that now I’m hooked. My objective?

To be as artistic as I can possibly be through my photography, and to become a bloody good photographer to boot. I tend not to do things by halves, so if there is something to learn, then I will learn it to the best of my ability, or until I get bored, whichever comes soonest.
Except that art and photography are two things I have never tired of. So to put the two together has me in my element. I’m as happy as a pig in, well, you know…

One of my favourite pastimes has become shooting food, especially the food I prepare for myself. Looks nice doesn’t it? Tasted good too, (I’m quite sure I’ve said that before).

Long ago, when I was a suffering airport worker, working for my first handling agent, I was really poor. I used to have only £50 a month spare to spend on food. I made it work for about six months, then circumstances changed as I could no longer afford to stay where I was as my summer contract was up. I swore ever after never to skimp on food again. Even if it meant sacrificing something else, I would never again put myself through the misery of not being able to enjoy good food.

So it is that I have stuck to that promise ever since. I learned to cook, I eat only fresh, unprocessed food when possible, and without trying to sound like a pretentious TV chef, I don’t ever compromise on quality and flavour. I may be as thin as a stick, but I still like my food. Like photography and art, it makes me happy.


12 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Apologies, but your eggs look naked … Spouse hates it when I boil the eggs ‘cos by the time they get to the plate they usually have big smiley faces. (Hers have eyelashes too.)

    Not only taste good, and look good, and be artistic—food can be fun; and I love your constructive depth of field and colours. Sadly food is such a transient medium …

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    1. Yes, I agree it is far too transient a medium. My eggs are often naked, they like to be wild and free ranging….
      You’re a lot of fun Argie, one of things I love about you, not many are as silly as me. 🙂

      Thank you for the compliments! 😉

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  2. You do eat artistically. Clearly. My lunch was a pear, a heaping spoon of peanut butter, and an english muffin with butter and a cup (okay, about 4 cups) of coffee. Breakfast: two Aldi store brand toaster waffles with butter, no syrup, a banana & several tasteless cookies from a plastic container, and half a glass of somewhat flat diet cherry pepsi found in the back of the fridge. Making room for Christmas party beer and vittles….

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