Armistice Day: Lest we forget.

In remembrance of all those in service who have fallen for us, who have fought for our freedom, and who have died trying to make it all better.



May we never have to tread the battle-torn fields again,

Nor breathe the noxious air of defeat.

May we toast to the bright winters,

And the cool summers

Where the heat of the fight is but a distant memory.

May we not look back and beg forgiveness,

For all that has been forsaken by our very own hands.

May we treasure this moment ever more,

Like the red of the poppy unfurling its promise.

May we keep remembering,

Lest we forget that innocence is not ours to take,

Or give away.











*WW1 inspired Medal Brooch, by me.


13 thoughts on “Armistice Day: Lest we forget.

    1. I’ll accept exotic, and class. Thank you Argie, you are most kind and lovely.

      Thank you also for your encouragement re my brooch-medal. It’s based on a WW1 French Star. Past lives and all. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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