WPC – Descent #3


Descent 3

Just because I’m a little bit of a glutton for punishment, and possibly a little bit of a rotter, for all those, including me for whom heights are a tad troublesome, here is another entry for this week’s photo challenge. I’ve played around with the shot just enough that I now feel suitably queazy and unable to look at it anymore without well…anyway…(Veles, you are vindicated!)

The Dome Cathedral in Florence is the tallest building they have standing at 114.5m above the far away street below, and slightly less above the terracotta tiled rooftops, that incidentally I had waited 25 years to snap. Suffice to say I will make this snappy as I can’t bear to look at this shot anymore…excuse me…!


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3 thoughts on “WPC – Descent #3

    1. The trick I think is to go, not in summer when the temperatures are too high, and when the crowds are heavy. The view from the top is spectacular. 360 degrees worth of Florence. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I much appreciate it.


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