17 thoughts on “WPC – Descent #2

    1. I’ll never make that ascent again, I can tell you. It was hellish. But worth the shots I got of the Florentine rooftops. Something I’d waited 25 years to do.
      Thanks for dropping in. πŸ™‚

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  1. As a kid I used to test myself against things like this … see how far I could get on my bot towards the point of no return … brrrrr~!

    So: how did you get up there? And even more better, how did you get down? (SFX: insert “Brrrr!” here please. Loud. With feeling …)

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    1. It was a long, steep, narrow climb in between the walls of the cathedral’s dome itself, cramped with people all wanting to reach the top. The heat was stifling, and I was very ill to boot. I suffer with vertigo anyway, and to discover that the final destination was a small crow’s nest at the top of this towering structure, with a low rail between you and the world below was more than a little nerve wracking. I hated every moment of it. But being the tough cookie that I am, I took a sharp breath in, snapped my shots and patiently waited my turn to go back down the tiny rabbit hole, the almost vertical metal staircase, squeeze past the crowd of people squashed into the tiny space of the belfry, and wind my way back down through the narrow escape back to the street, without collapsing, which is exactly what I wanted to do. NEVER, ever again…


    1. Thank you! I suffer with vertigo, so this was a challenge. It was an impressive view for sure. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Much appreciated!
      Happy Saturday!

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