WPC – Descent



London Eye Descent


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17 thoughts on “WPC – Descent

    1. I keep finding sprays of blood all over the house where she’s been scratching the huge wound under her chin. It’s a little gruesome. Still refuses to go out. But she’s looking happier.
      How are you after the other day?


      1. Recovering. The owners never called us back. Can you believe that? We had to call one of their neighbours who said the dog was in hospital, and would remain there for a week, at least. Whether it survived that first night, we don’t know. It turns out these people have left for a short holiday. What utter bastards! When we rescue a stray, and its in the clinic, I visit it twice everyday, without fail…. and that’s for an animal I don’t even know. People, truly, give me the shits.


        1. I can’t believe the owners just went away leaving their little pooch to fend for itself. Complete shits!
          I hope you and yours, and your stray are doing well. You’re a good man John.
          I was up in the middle of the night cleaning up cat vomit. As much as I think my cat is on the mend, I’m a little concerned that she isn’t as well as she looks. I’m happy if she’s sleeping, as it means she’s healing and not worrying her sores. 😦


          1. Not yet. I think she may just be purging the worms from her system. Her stomach was really hard when she turned up on Monday. But I’ve treated her with flea and mite drops, also deworming drops. Hopefully she’ll start to perk up. She actually asked to go out this morning. Her belly at least feels and looks more normal. Although if she doesn’t improve in the next few days I will take her to the vet. I just wish the sore on her neck would heal.


  1. For someone with a nervous dread of heights (moi) this challenge could be a real challenge. In the meantime I’m gonna keep both eyes shut when looking at the entries …

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    1. Actually I didn’t find this one so bad because we were encapsulated in a large pod. It provided me with enough of a sense of security that my vertigo didn’t kick in. Although looking at the shots I’ve posted make me feel a little queazy…
      I haven’t braved looking at any other entires yet…I’ll leave it a while longer I think…


        1. Those pods were rather like pumpkins, and alighting from them was no mean feat I can tell you. The bloody thing doesn’t stop, keeps going at a good old pace, enough to throw you off your step if you mistime it as I did. With three children in tow too…barely audible choice words issued through gritted teeth for a moment or two upon exit. The rum would probably make it a lot easier!


          1. Rum does wonders for the sense of balance—and once rummed, the sum of all fears becomes zero. (Dunno if the kids would approve but someone has to carry the rummer back to the car …) 🙂


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