Coffee with Dad at the Regency.

coffee with dad



It isn’t the sharpest image in the world, but as a composition I like it, and really that’s all that counts when presenting art. I’ve been shooting a lot with my iPhone 5C camera lately, mostly because I always have it to hand. Bill reminded me that I also still have my little Canon point’n shoot, which I’d forgotten that I also always carry with me in my bag…I can be a little absent minded…maybe I’ll remember next time. The quality of the shots on the iPhone 5C vary, depending on light levels, and steady hand notwithstanding. I’ll have to post my shots of the Littlehampton fireworks display from the weekend, also taken with my phone. It doesn’t do a bad job at all on night shots.


15 thoughts on “Coffee with Dad at the Regency.

    1. She’s looking very happy. She refuses to go back out, oddly. Her wounds are healing, and she’s eating well despite being a little underweight. It’s nice to have my fury little friend back. 🙂


      1. I can imagine, and I’m glad to hear.

        We had a shocking, shocking, shocking day yesterday. Walking our dogs a little white toy thing (that’d escaped from its house) attacked us, yapping like an idiot. It had done this before, but this time it actually charged into a little pack. Bad move. My King Shepherd, 40 kilo’s-worth, went ballistic (I couldn’t possible hold him back), and our hound latched onto the thing. Holy fuck. In seconds they ripped it apart. I had to smash my dog and physically rip his mouth open. The toy poodle thing was scalped across its entire body. God, it was horrible. Its skin had folded off like a a giant flap. It ran away, into its house. We panicked, of course, and the owners weren’t home. We couldn’t get to the dog, and it took 30 minutes for the owners to come. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was ghastly, yet it appears there was no great perforation. It’d simply been skinned, which is horrible, but it’ll survive.


        1. Good god! That is awful. You must be devastated. I mean I get that your dog was acting on instinct, and you can’t really blame him for that. But I do feel for you and your wife. Are there going to be any repercussions from the owners of the Toy Poodle? Poor little guy, even if he was a yappy little pain.
          I’m sorry you had to go through that my friend. I would have been absolutely beside myself. Is anything going to happen to your dog?
          I know here such happenings are treated with stern measures, especially if complaints are made.


          1. No, we’re fine, from a legal perspective. Our dogs were on leashes, and this toy poodle thing has a history of being a dick. It’s neighbour, two doors down, was talking to us and she said it had it coming. Harsh, but she was no fan. It is a horrible little thing, but I was mortified at what happened, and our dogs should not have behaved that way. A few seconds more and they would have, quite literally, ripped it in two. The owner said nothing about culpability, rather she blamed her husband for not putting the barrier up on the fence through which it escapes. I felt for her, though. She was in utter shock. It really was a terrible sight. The thing had been peeled.


          2. It’s making me feel quite nauseous just thinking about it. I’m glad there aren’t going to be any repercussions. I’m guessing your dogs are going to be on a very tight leash for a while, so to speak. Maybe the little yapster will think twice about attacking a bigger dog again. Probably not though. Little dogs have no fear.

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