Grace and Eye…

Grace and Eye


10 thoughts on “Grace and Eye…

  1. Oh Gods … they grow up so fast. Not long now before she’s covered in tatts and has a bone through her nose?

    Naaaaah … she doesn’t look the type. One might sense the presence of an old soul. A powerful shot~!

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    1. I always imagined Grace would be the one to have the green hair, piercings, and tattoos, so that is very astute of you to pick up on that. She currently wants pink hair and wants to shave one side of her head while keeping the other side long. She wants piercings, but is too scared of the pain of having it done. I remind her frequently that at present she is only 10, even though she is a tall 10. Her feet are the same size as mine. Too scary to think about. You are right, they foo grow up fast…

      Thank you for your appreciation. I’m getting there with the reincarnation book. It’s not a very big book, but I keep getting sidetracked. Fascinating stories though. Makes me want to do some more exploration of my own…


      1. Pink hair? Ye gods … but it fades.
        Tatts and piercings, though, are forever.
        Does a kid have any concept of ‘forever’?

        Not easy to make a ten-year-old understand that at a short-sleeves ambassadorial garden party she might come across as a bit of a misfit …


        1. I think she likes bring a misfit oddly. Must be a kid thing. Does any ten year old kid have a concept of time spans? I doubt it. That old chestnut matures with lengthening (or is it shortening?) years.


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