High Contrast

The Doge's Palace


8 thoughts on “High Contrast

        1. Granted this was a fairly recent shot, but it wouldn’t be the first time. So unless you took your shot when Polaroids were still cool…


          1. I remember our first Polaroid camera, back when they were all the rage. Proper bit of technological magic, so I remember thinking. Honestly though, it was just an imitation of what is capable now. Thank goodness for digital… although I do miss the excitement of a paper photograph fresh from the developers.


          2. I remember our first Polaroid camera was probably one of the last. Made all of plastic. But waiting for that image to develop before your eyes was magic. I miss that, though I do get excited when I get home from a shoot and sort through my new images!

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          3. Yes, back in the day when photos were precious things. But I too get just as excited to sift through my shots after a shoot. It’s funny, because despite the abundance of shots that digital affords us these days, I still find myself trying to capture the image I want first time. I only shoot in manual now, I guess I’m still a little old school in that way. 🙂


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