De-evolution 1

Creating a Visual Icon

Step 1: Start with a moody selfie.

bday hat 019

Step 2: Increase the contrast. That enhances the strongest features and eliminates distractions.

bday hat 019-001

Step 3: I used a “Warping” tool in Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X2. This distorts photos in a circular fashion. Here, I pulled my head smaller, which increased the outside of the frame, making shoulders and hat bigger. I kept playing until I got the image I liked. Changed it to monochrome to focus on the image and not the color.

bday hat 019zoot

Step 4: Remove the background. An icon should be simple. Any Photoshop-like editor should have an eraser tool.


Step 5: Tinged in Red, because … Red.


Step 6: Pixilated it, using a pixilation tool, to make it look like a drawing. Then increased the contrast again.



Step 7: Played with different color combinations and ended on Blue and complementary yellow. It felt like The Bluez, so I knew I was done.



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