WPC – Signs

None of that enhanced

“How’bout squirrels…?”

33 thoughts on “WPC – Signs

        1. Well, let’s be honest, you have to say that.
          The point is, why did he change it?
          You should check he isn’t on some ”Most Wanted” list before you start packing, if I were you.


          1. He changed it because I suggested he should use it as his gravatar. I didn’t think he’d do it, but I still think it’s pretty cool. It made me laugh a lot when I first came across the image. We are both kind of silly like that.


    1. I’m quick on the trigger Ark. Actually I was watching the little scamp scampering about in no particular hurry. I was in fact shooting the squirrel and not the sign. Get me ay?!


    1. I felt the same Argie, I had planned to post this very shot this morning before I even knew of this week’s challenge theme. I find this is often the case, it’s as if they can read my thoughts, or is it the other way around…agh…who knows. Last week the same thing happened with the night shots, remember the one I posted that you really liked of the folk in the windows dining? I ended up changing the title and tags to accommodate the challenge.

      Never seen a possum. Slightly bigger than a squirrel I’m guessing…?


      1. Bigger, nocturnal, huge sharp claws … love climbing wooden power poles and getting sizzled at the top. They make wonderful pets if you get them youngβ€”the fur is often mixed with merino wool to make wondrously soft/warm gloves and scarves and jumpers for ladies.

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          1. Big wide eyes.

            A friend of mine had one as a pet at the central North Island electronic spy station; it would climb up you if you let it and settle on your head with the very prehensile tail wrapped (gently) around your neck. You quickly learned not to make any sudden movements or he’d clamp and you’d get half strangled.
            One poor soul mistimed and the possum piddled atop his head … we cracked up; he got lots of free drinks in sympathy … cute? Yep! Size of a large domestic cat, and capable.

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          2. Sounds like a hoot! Do they do sleeping on laps as well as heads I wonder?

            Big wide eyes…cute, but probably equally scary in the dead of night should one be roused during the partaking of one’s nightly repose!


  1. Oh no … for the past few days I’ve been shooting signs, and now WPC has pre-empted me. (Or worse, am I somehow psychic?)

    EEEEEK! And still half asleep I didn’t see that your post is a WPC. Dumb dog, bad dog, go have a coffee dog … πŸ™‚


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