WPC – Signs #2

China Town

Signs provide a feast of visual semiotics within our everyday lives that can shape our environmental landscapes. They can be so much a part of the visual furniture that without them some places like China Town in Washington DC just wouldn’t be the same. Signs then are a form of language that we interpret to mean certain things, whether they use words or not, and what meaning they have is a personal thing, as well as having a wider social and cultural meaning. Signs speak to us of identity, guiding us on certain journeys whether physically or metaphorically. Without signs, we have no sense of guidance. A smile is a sign, as is a 50 foot billboard advertising the latest trends.The concentrated expression on the man’s face as he is caught on camera is a sign of his current state of mind. When someone looks straight at the lens, that is a sign that they are engaging with you for that split second. We all look for signs in order to connect with others and the world around us. We make statements of intent with signs, exchanging ideas, desires, and concerns.




Love Letters

A smile is perhaps the most simple and powerful of signs, it can fill us with hope, love, and literally change lives…

Smiling Grace




9 thoughts on “WPC – Signs #2

  1. That concentrating man looks to be a street photographer being streetly photographed … hah! The biter bit …

    Bugger, I’m about to post my own tulip snaps and yours are in this page. Dammit, I’ll do so anyway—but without your artistry, mine’s just snaps.

    I like~!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Argie! I was just thinking about you, having happened upon you on another’s blog by sheerest of coincidences, then the speech bubble glowed orange with your presence. You keep doing this incidentally, not that I mind at all. 🙂

      You are too kind with your generous compliments.

      I thought the chap was a street photographer too, but I’m not quite sure that that’s a camera that he’s holding. Maybe my eyesight is failing me slightly. Maybe I should should just zoom into the shot and satisfy my curiosity. It’ll keep.

      Do post your tulip snaps, I would love to see them. You are every bit the artist that I am Sir, there aren’t many people I look forward to be inspired by.

      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. (I had to tick the ‘like’ button—they don’t have one for ‘blush’ …) Thank you.

        I think it’s a tripod in his hand, camera, lenses, sandwiches etc in the carry bag.


        1. Ah! Good man. My curiosity is now at peace. I too thought he had an air of the street snaptographer about him, but then got thrown by my poor vision this morning, it was pre-coffee vision… (shaking head).


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