Morning Coffee

Copyright Bill Jones 2014
Copyright Bill Jones 2014

I was going to write about something really interesting this morning, but then I got distracted by the daily ritual of the next-door neighbours attempting to get their three young children into the car. It’s a traumatic affair each time, with kids screaming and crying, the air from the parent’s lips turning a dark shade of blue, as they try to coax kids into car seats and straps. At the end of it all I’m left feeling equally traumatised, but eventually relieved that they have finally left the cul-de-sac. However, whatever great idea I had before sadly left with them, stolen from the cozy warmth of my introspection, followed by the swift wings of a few of my own choice words.

Mood unsuitably changed, I shall however try to remain focussed on the task at hand.

I was looking through some of Bill’s shots of me that he’d sent me recently, and came across the one above taken in our holiday apartment in Granada back in July. Firstly, regardless of my presence (I’m not too keen on looking at myself in photographs, even if curious), I love the composition. Bill will probably tell you that, “I love” a lot of things, a lot, and it’s true I do, and I am quite genuine when I say these things. The lighting is wonderful, the balance of lines and tones is wonderful, it evokes wonderful memories, and it captures that moment in the early morning where I’m still quite dead to the world, but standing quite diligently by the stove waiting for that first cup of coffee of the day to brew and provide me with the sustenance I need to engage the next moment.

The Toreador in the far corner looks on waiting for his moment to pounce while my back is turned, good job I wasn’t wearing red…

The beauty of the shot however, is in the way that Bill has captured a moment of tranquility in which it seems, that I and the rather wooden guy are the only participants in the room. Bill has switched on his cloaking device as photographer, and become invisible. Of course Señor Toreador is keeping a keen eye on us both from his lofty vantage point, there’s no fooling him with his old telephone hat!


“Call for a Mrs. Jones…”

“Hello, Bess Jones speaking…”


“Ooh bugger…!”

Focus Bess! Strong Spanish coffee, followed by yoghurt and muesli, then eggs with an accompaniment of aniseed flavoured Roscillos (rather like a hard doughnut). Yum. Shared with Bill as he becomes visible again and rejoins the scene, laying his camera to rest next to us on the glass dining table. A moment’s grace, a moment’s peace, a moment shared with my love, in person, in mind, and in photography. I love my morning coffee!

"Caught you!"
“Caught you!”



3 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. Hah! Coffee is sweet … revenge is even sweeter! (The biter bit, huh?) There’s something marvellously contemplative about every fibre of your being, patiently awaiting that coffee …


    1. I suppose this is why I prefer using the stove-top cafetiere, I am as much addicted to the ritual of making coffee in the morning as I am the beverage itself. It evokes fond memories of early childhood when living in Spain, and you’d catch the smell of freshly brewed coffee on the breezes. A magical thing indeed, made all the more special in the shot above as I was back on home turf.

      These days however, my caffeine intake is a fraction of what it was not so long ago, vis-a-vis health concerns. A half-caff in the morning, and perhaps a decaf espresso in the evening. The first coffee of the day though remains a necessary part of my daily routine, punctuating my day with a sense of calm.


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